What is Dreamspattern?
Dreamspattern is a platform that offers high-quality designs licensing for textile and fashion creators.

How can I change my account information?
Click on the circle located at the right side of the website header or the three lines beside the website logo in your mobile browser, a side bar will appear from the right.
Click on the Settings icon it will takes you to "My profile" page, you can review and edit your information there.

Why can't I log in?
Here are some possible solutions if you're having trouble accessing your Dreamspattern account.

  • Wrong Password: If you're having trouble accessing to your account, you may need to "Reset your password". You'll need to enter the email address associated with your Dreamspattern account. A link will be sent to that email address to a page where you can reset your password. An email confirmation that includes your login information will confirm that you have chosen a new password.
  • Incorrect Email Address: If you got this message "These credentials do not match our records." Its mean that the email address you have entered is not in our system, please try to remember the correct email address.
    If you still can't log in or got these messages "This account has been deleted." Or "This account has been suspended." Please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Can't Reset My Password: If you have tried to reset your password and got the message "We can't find a user with that email address." It's mean the email address you entered is not in our system, please try another email address. Once you enter the correct email associated with your Dreamspattern account, you’ll be able to request a password reset link.

How do I change my password?
You can update your password from your "Profile" in your "User details".

How do I delete my Dreamspattern account?
There may be times when you need to cancel and want to completely remove your account.
you can proceed with deleting your account by following the instructions under Delete Account on your account "Profile" page.
Note: Accounts with active plans are able to delete.

How can I try the designs before purchasing a plan from Dreamspattern?
Just sign up and verify your account then login again, you will get a Risk-Free 3 JPG files with standard license immediately in your account balance. You can use it in 1 month, try to download any 3 jpg designs, it basically gives you the ability to test our service and design quality.

When do On Demand plans expire?
If you have an On Demand plan then you have one year to download your designs. The year starts at the point of activation. At the end of the 365-day period your plan will expire and you'll need to purchase a new plan in order to download more designs.

I still have pieces in my expired plan, can I use them?
We are sorry, if your plan expired you can’t use them, for 30 Days plans you have one calendar month to download your allotted quantity of images, depending on your plan. For On Demand plans you have one year.
You can find your plan expiration date in your "Profile" page at "Plans" tab.

Can I have multiple plans in my account?
Yes, you can have multiple plans (30 Days - On Demand) in your Dreamspattern account at the same time.
Our strategy in the multiple plans for the same account and for the same type of plan is to deduct the number of download files from the account balance based on the nearest plan that is about to expire.
For example, if you have 13 days left on your 30 days plan (65 JPG Standard License) call it "Plan A", in the same time you have another OnDemand plan (10 JPG Standard License) which will ends after 25 days call it "Plan B", and you want to download 1 JPG from your account balance, so the number will be deducted from the nearest plan that is about to expire which is "plan A" in our example.

Should I purchase a 30 Days plan or an on demand pack?
30 Days plans are best for ongoing design needs and offer the highest discounts. On demand packs are designed for flexibility and are best for fluctuating design needs.

If I purchased a plan from Dreamspattern, what kind of files will I receive?
First you must choose your plan upon file type and license. We have a "JPG with Standard License" and "EPS / PSD with Enhanced License" you have to buy a plan which works with you, so if you fill your account balance then you can download files.

When will I receive the Premium file that I purchased from Dreamspattern?
After purchase process, the system will generate a unique download link for you, your file will start downloading immediately, at the same time you can go to "My Downloads" in your "Profile" page so you can download your files at any time.

Which license does the Free design of the week come with?
Our Free design of the week comes with our Free License. No purchase is necessary to download these files.

What is a Standard License?
Our Standard License allows you to use the design for digital and physical reproduction up to 500 units / items / meters. With standard license the designs are not to resale again by the buyer.

What is an Enhanced License?
Our Enhanced License allows you to use the design for digital and physical reproduction with Unlimited Reproduction - over 500 units / items /meters for resale.
With enhanced license the designs are not to resale again by the buyer.

What is a Premium License?
If you are looking for exclusive designs that only you and your companies / brands have use of, head to our Premium area. You get all the benefits of our licenses plus you get exclusive rights to the design which is instantly removed from the site once purchased.
This allows you to use the design for digital and physical products with no limit on the production run.
If you want to learn more about our licenses, please visit our licensing page.

How I get proof that I licensed Dreamspattern content?
For our designs we don't offer itemized receipts or invoices, but you can use the following as proof of license for Dreamspattern content:

  • "My Downloads" for all designs
  • If you buy a Premium design, you can find its invoice in "Purchase History"
For details on what usage is permitted under each license, check out our licensing page.

How do I pay?
We accept all credit/debit cards, PayPal and other payment methods.

How do I get a receipt?
All receipts are stored in your account, so you can access and/or print them whenever you like.
Receipts for all purchases are stored in your Dreamspattern account. Navigate to your "Purchase History" in your "Profile" page where you’ll see a line item for each purchase made. In the right-hand column, you’ll see the receipt number. Click "INVOICE" button to see the details then you can save or print your receipt.
Your receipt also works as a credit note if there was a refund credited to your account.

How do I get an invoice?
While we don't provide invoices for online purchases, receipts are readily available in your "Purchase History".

Why is my card not being accepted?
If you’re having problems completing Credit Card / PayPal purchases online, for example If your Credit Card is declined, please contact your credit card institution for information.

Does Dreamspattern charge any cancellation fees?
No. We’ll gladly refund purchases made within the first 7 days, provided you haven’t used any download from the plan yet.
After confirming the process of canceling the plan, the purchase amount will be automatically returned to the same card account or PayPal account.

Could you explain your return policy for designs?
Unfortunately, No Return. If you face any problem with designs that you have purchased, please inform us via Contact us page, we will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

How can I find Images?
Dreamspattern offers the following methods to find designs.

  • Search by Keyword: Have some ideas about what you need? Searching by keyword is a great place to start. You can enter anything that comes to mind and begin browsing images that contain matching terms. Too many results? Try entering additional keywords to narrow down your search.
  • Sorting Results: Results can also be sorted by: "Newest" - shows newest content first. "Popular" - show most popular content first.
  • Need a specific image? If you know the design ID number, you can enter it into the search bar to navigate right to that design.

Where can I find the designs that I have just viewed?
When you are browsing any design, you can Scroll down and navigate to "Recently Viewed" section, here you can see the last designs that you have viewed.

How does Dreamspattern recommend images similar to the one I'm viewing?
In the details page We offer similar designs results, based on the design that you are viewing just below the main design.

Where can I find my Licensed designs?
After you confirm to download a design your download will start automatically, depending on your browser, your file will either save directly to your browser’s download folder, or you will be prompted to choose a folder in which to save the file.
If your download did not start automatically, navigate to your "Downloads" tab in your "Profile" page, find the design that you want to download, click on the download icon that placed in down right corner of the thumbnail Your file will start downloading.
If you need to download the file again, you can always navigate to your "Downloads" tab in your "Profile" page, and redownload the file again for free.
If you must redownload any images, they will not count toward your current available downloads or your current balance. Once you have licensed content, you can redownload it as many times as you need.

If I want to re-download a design, will that be deducted from my existing balance?
Previously purchased designs are free to redownload at any time.
Purchasing a design from Dreamspattern is not only simple, but also permanent. Enjoy peace of mind with knowing that once a design is purchased, it is yours to keep and to redownload for free if it ever gets lost or corrupted.
Redownloads do not count toward any active plans that you do have, which means you never have to pay twice for something you already licensed.

How can I collect designs to come back to them later?
In general, by clicking the ♡ icon that located in the right downside of the design’s thumbnail, you can add the design that you liked for your "Wishlist".
You can find your "Wishlist" by clicking the heart icon in the upper right side of your screen or the heart icon in the right-side bar that’s appear when you click at the profile image.
If you want to save a large watermarked preview of a design, You can drag the preview onto your desktop or you can click the "Save" icon over the thumbnail to download a sample.